Barrington Delevante : LEAD VOCALIST , POET / SONGWRITER




From the humble beginnings of a country boy from a small town called Frankfield in the Parish of Clarendon Western Jamaica.  One of thirteen children, Barrington Delevante emerged to form an outlet to deliver his true to life social commentaries in a musical art form called Dub Poetry in Jamaica.

Musically inspired and influenced by Reggae greats such as Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Mutabaruka, Big Youth, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Toots and The Maytals and others. The stage was set for a new fusion-dub-reggae band named Dubvocaliza.

The  meaning to be outspoken and articulate.

Barrington is a strong writer of explosive,  and highly  imaginative poems and  songs. He has a  natural gift for entertaining and at the same time educating. Barrington is  an influential  and uplifting vocalist and performer, His passion and energy is boundless.

His song writing and performances has shown him to be a true social  and world commentator. Audiences  thrill to his music and dub poetry. 

'' I was fed on a musical diet of  Gospel, Reggae, Dub-Poetry and  Dance Hall  DJ Music from early childhood. 

I developed an interest in writing poetry, short stories, essays and songs. I was influenced by the conscious and positive lyrics and music going on in Jamaica.

I have many things to say and started to express myself with poems , I realised that music is the best way to shout across continents and to be heard. I started  performing while at  Primary and High School in Jamaica .

After leaving high school I pursuit  a career in Health and fitness and became a  Professional Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, But my music was always there in me  and I kept writing songs and poems, some of  which have been published in various books , magazines and  newspapers.

It was only a matter of time before I had to return to my roots. "     

Barrington Delevante : Lead Vocalist . Dubvocaliza






Danna has ben singing for a lifetime , She's a natural singer songwriter  with a flair for melody and hook. Her natural talent and versatility is complimented with radiant Eritrean beauty, smile and a pure heart.





Ye-Ye is a performer, singer and songwriter originally from Portsmouth now based in London. Ye-Ye has been singing from an early age, starting in the church choir. From this venture she found the confidence to write and record her own music. This opened doors for her giving her opportunities of writing with and recording vocals for many different producers across the country. Since moving to London Ye-Ye has been keeping herself busy in the music scene and is currently working on a solo E.P


She has performed as a soloist and as part of bands performing a range of styles including R&B, Jazz, funk and reggae. 

Ye-Ye has also performed in many musical shows. Her most recent and favourite has being Hairspray, where she played the role of Little Inez at the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth. 

Yeye is now performing and singing with Dubvocaliza,  dub-fusion rock-reggae band .

She is excited to be performing with Dubvocoliza and hopes to bring her skills as a performer and vocalist to the band! 




Dee Man 

 At 4 years old, Dee sat a large acoustic guitar on a chair and strummed the strings. He was 

mesmerised. At 12, supportive family gave him an electric, and so it began.  

 Early influences were blues and rock players such as Mick Taylor, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix and 

SRV., and various jazz, soul, rap, reggae, punk and funk bands. At the same time Dee was learning to 

play guitar, he taught himself drums and began writing, singing and performing original material. At 

15, he formed a band, and began playing around Vancouver Canada. Gigs followed, and Dee 

eventually went on to organise a large, successful "Rock Against Racism" fundraiser, and headlining 

gigs at larger venues came soon after that.  

In his 20’s, Dee went to L.A. to audition for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They told him that he had licks 

but lacked the green hair and tattooed looks needed for the LA scene. Back in Vancouver, he played 

with various bands and musicians, one of whom got picked up by Julian Lennon's Management 

company, and recorded a debut with George Martin at Air Studios.  

Currently based in London, Dee’s focus is mostly on writing and recording new material.

He  has at least 15 songs rolling around in his head. His new band, Dubvocaliza is a reggae band with a socially conscious angle and an undeniably fun and danceable sound.  

 "My goal is to create a bit of joy in a somewhat crazy world, and to create the absolute best music I can




Guitarist and Singer Owen Barclay is British born of Jamaican heritage. He learnt guitar at
Highbury Grove Secondary School, where there were wonderful music teachers.

He immediately started creating his own music and in the 80s and 90s went on to travel extensively with various
bands in South East Asia and the West Indies, living for a total of two years in Japan. The last
recording band was ‘Ocean’ with singer Bettie Sempar that had a minor success with a song by
Owen called ‘You are Mine’. In the late 90s Owen followed another love and opened a bike shop
in Dalston.

This remains open to the present day.
Owen’s musical influences are folk, blues, reggae and rock and generally a wide range of
musicians including - Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck, Alvin Lee and Bob Marley.
Owen loves collecting records, running, swimming, playing tennis and chess.
Owen’s main focus now is to play music and be happy.