Barrington Delevante : LEAD VOCALIST , POET / SONGWRITER




From the humble beginnings of a country boy from a small town called Frankfield in the Parish of Clarendon Western Jamaica.  One of thirteen children, Barrington Delevante emerged to form an outlet to deliver his true to life social commentaries in a musical art form called Dub Poetry in Jamaica.

Musically inspired and influenced by Reggae greats such as Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Mutabaruka, Big Youth, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Toots and The Maytals and others. The stage was set for a new fusion-dub-reggae band named Dubvocaliza.

The  meaning to be outspoken and articulate.

Barrington is a strong writer of explosive,  and highly  imaginative poems and  songs. He has a  natural gift for entertaining and at the same time educating. Barrington is  an influential  and uplifting vocalist and performer, His passion and energy is boundless.

His song writing and performances has shown him to be a true social  and world commentator. Audiences  thrill to his music and dub poetry. 

'' I was fed on a musical diet of  Gospel, Reggae, Dub-Poetry and  Dance Hall  DJ Music from early childhood. 

I developed an interest in writing poetry, short stories, essays and songs. I was influenced by the conscious and positive lyrics and music going on in Jamaica.

I have many things to say and started to express myself with poems , I realised that music is the best way to shout across continents and to be heard. I started  performing while at  Primary and High School in Jamaica .

After leaving high school I pursuit  a career in Health and fitness and became a  Professional Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, But my music was always there in me  and I kept writing songs and poems, some of  which have been published in various books , magazines and  newspapers.

It was only a matter of time before I had to return to my roots. "     

Barrington Delevante : Lead Vocalist . Dubvocaliza





‘Seline was singing before she could speak.’

Her intense passions for music led her to embark on this journey at the age of 2 years of age.
Seline felt a calling for all the arts and trained extensively in music, acting and dance. Initially the focus of her
path was musical theatre.

However when she reached the age of 18, Seline decided to take a different direction.
She extended her knowledge throughout her years with various singing training in pop, rock, country, jazz,
opera, reggae and more.
After completing her BA(Hons) Acting at the Arts Educational School, London - mid 2017 she decided to focus on
her own music and discovered her personal cross genre style of writing - a Folk / Jazz / Reggae kind of feel, with a
touch of Rock.

Seline started working with Unit 137 and Daddy Freddy in mid 2018, writing and singing on multiple tracks with
various artists and performing at venues and festivals across London and England. These projects allowed and
still provide opportunities for Seline to explore her Jungle, Reggae and drum & amp; bass styles thoroughly.

Since October 2018 to present, Seline has been gigging 2-3 nights a week at Jazz After Dark in Soho with bands
‘Seline & amp; The Secrets’, ‘Broken Connexions’, ‘Blind Bonds Lee’ and ‘Transcendence’. The show consists of a 3
hour performance of popular music from across the ages, ranging from Nina Simone - The Beatles - Amy
Winehouse, etc.
She has also gained experience with her songs on the radio, performing internationally at venues in London,
Tenerife and New Zealand and has a wide familiarity performing at weddings and events.

Seline  is now the lead singer of ‘Dubvocaliza.  an established recording and performing band. Ultimate Reggae in the positive.








“I see the world as a pulsing electron, a source of knowledge in practice. If fed with new prospects, intuitions, doubts, constructive criticisms, humour and love,it becomes bigger and bigger, dictating the new horizons and allowing us to depart for new seas.”

With my music I am looking to reach out to like-minded people who feel the urgency of moving onto a different level of connection between consciousness, society, nature, and history. The aim is to empower you to have the courage to accept that everything can be constructed in a better way.

If you’ve been there with me in 1975,you would have seen me, a hyperactive 3 year old boy with bushy hair who’s got so much energy he couldn’t stay longer than 3 minutes in one place. In the clinic of the small Italian town the family doctor advice my parents to feed my curiosities instead of suppressing them, so I was inducted to music.I listened intently to the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, blues, etc on record and soon my dad took me to a live concert. Little did I know that it is to be the day of my primordial epiphany. My eyes welled up with tears as the revelation comes to me that we are all part of the pulsing electron, interconnected in one. The music is the heartbeat, I am at home, inside a womb, connected with everything around and inside me. Everything is in a loop, a circular feedback.



Guitarist and Singer Owen Barclay is British born of Jamaican heritage. He learnt guitar at
Highbury Grove Secondary School, where there were wonderful music teachers.

He immediately started creating his own music and in the 80s and 90s went on to travel extensively with various
bands in South East Asia and the West Indies, living for a total of two years in Japan. The last
recording band was ‘Ocean’ with singer Bettie Sempar that had a minor success with a song by
Owen called ‘You are Mine’. In the late 90s Owen followed another love and opened a bike shop
in Dalston.

This remains open to the present day.
Owen’s musical influences are folk, blues, reggae and rock and generally a wide range of
musicians including - Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck, Alvin Lee and Bob Marley.
Owen loves collecting records, running, swimming, playing tennis and chess.
Owen’s main focus now is to play music and be happy.