Barrington Delevante : LEAD VOCALIST , POET / SONGWRITER



From the modest origins of a rural upbringing in Frankfield, a small town nestled in the Parish of Clarendon, Western Jamaica, Barrington Delevante, one of thirteen siblings, emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of Dub Poetry—a musical art form delivering poignant social commentaries.

Inspired by musical luminaries such as Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Mutabaruka, Big Youth, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, and Toots and The Maytals, Barrington established the foundation for a groundbreaking fusion-dub-reggae ensemble known as Dubvocaliza.

The term "Dubvocaliza" encapsulates the essence of being outspoken and articulate, reflecting Barrington's commitment to delivering powerful messages through his music.

A prolific writer, Barrington crafts explosive and highly imaginative poems and songs. His innate ability to entertain while educating distinguishes him as a compelling artist. As an influential and uplifting vocalist and performer, Barrington exudes boundless passion and energy.

His compositions and performances transcend mere entertainment, positioning Barrington as a true social and global commentator. Audiences resonate with the thrill of his music and dub poetry.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Barrington shares, "I was nourished on a musical diet of Gospel, Reggae, Dub-Poetry, and Dance Hall DJ Music from early childhood. My interest in writing poetry, short stories, essays, and songs was cultivated by the conscious and positive lyrics prevalent in Jamaica."

Despite pursuing a career in Health and Fitness post-high school, where he achieved professional status as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Barrington's musical calling persisted. Continuously writing songs and poems, some of which found publication in various books, magazines, and newspapers, Barrington realized the inexorable pull back to his roots.

Barrington Delevante stands as the Lead Vocalist of Dubvocaliza, embodying a harmonious blend of musical prowess and profound storytelling that captivates audiences worldwide.




Born into a family of passionate musicians in the enchanting city of Salerno, Italy, Francesca's journey into the world of music began in the hallowed halls of the church choir. A natural-born performer, she quickly found her voice through participation in music competitions and captivating audiences in musicals and shows.

As  Francesca traversed the landscape of her musical aspirations, her ardor for creating and expressing herself through songwriting took root. This blossoming talent led her to compose and record her own songs, showcasing her versatility in genres ranging from Pop and R&B to Reggae and Latin pop. Francesca's desire to be heard was not confined to a single style; instead, she embraced the diverse rhythms of her soul.

In 2018, She embarked on a transformative journey to the heart of the UK music scene by moving to the vibrant city of London. Here, she not only immersed herself in the rich musical tapestry but also decided to formalize her passion by pursuing a degree in Music Business and Entrepreneurship at university.

Francesca has emerged as the lead singer of Dubvocaliza, a high-octane roots rock reggae band that echoes the eclectic spirit of the city itself.

As Francesca navigate the diverse and pulsating realms of the London music scene, her stories become a harmonious symphony of talent, passion, and the pursuit of dreams. contributing to the ever-evolving melody that defines the soul of London's musical landscape.



Sabin Marcusan, a highly accomplished and versatile lead and rhythm reggae guitarist hailing from Romania, stands as a true luminary in the realm of reggae music. With a career marked by prolific creativity and exceptional skill, Sabin has seamlessly blended his unique musical stylings with the vibrant cultural tapestry of reggae.

Currently serving as the lead guitarist and rhythm maestro for the esteemed London-based High Octane reggae band, Dubvocaliza, Sabin has been an integral part of the group for a number of years. His contributions to the band have been nothing short of exceptional, as he infuses each performance with his distinctive flair, elevating the overall sound and energy of Dubvocaliza.

Sabin Marcusan's creativity as a guitarist is truly outstanding, showcasing a profound understanding of the nuances of reggae music. His ability to seamlessly navigate between lead and rhythm roles reflects not only technical mastery but also a deep connection to the essence of the genre. Sabin's dynamic and innovative approach to the guitar has contributed significantly to Dubvocaliza's reputation as a High Octane reggae band.

In addition to his role in Dubvocaliza, Sabin's professional journey has been marked by a commitment to musical excellence. His expertise extends beyond the stage, encompassing studio sessions, collaborations, and an unwavering dedication to refining his craft.

As a reggae guitarist, Sabin Marcusan continues to captivate audiences with his virtuosity, leaving an indelible mark on the global reggae scene. His passion for the music, coupled with his versatility and creative prowess, positions him as a standout figure in the contemporary reggae landscape, and his continued contributions to Dubvocaliza underscore his enduring commitment to the art form.

Sabin Marcusan



Marq Domingues, a consummate professional and distinguished reggae bass guitarist, stands as a beacon of musical excellence in the global reggae community. With a career marked by unparalleled creativity, versatility, and high-energy performances, Marq has firmly established himself as a top-tier talent in the realm of reggae music.

Currently reigning as the mastermind behind the bass guitar for London's High Octane reggae band, Dubvocaliza, Marq Domingues has been an indispensable member of the ensemble for a number of years. His contributions to the band are nothing short of extraordinary, as he infuses each performance with a potent blend of rhythmic prowess and entertaining showmanship.

Marq's performances are a testament to his vibrant stage presence and unwavering commitment to delivering a truly immersive musical experience. Renowned for his rocking bass lines and infectious grooves, Marq is a dynamic force on stage, captivating audiences with his magnetic energy. His ability to dance as he blazes through the bass guitar not only showcases his technical proficiency but also adds a visual element that elevates the overall spectacle of the performance.

In addition to his role in Dubvocaliza, Marq Domingues has carved a niche for himself as a sought-after reggae bassist, participating in various musical projects and collaborations that further showcase his versatility and creativity. His exceptional skill set extends beyond traditional performances, making him a valued asset in studio sessions and live productions.

Marq's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the bass guitar has garnered widespread acclaim, creating waves in the reggae scene and earning him a well-deserved reputation as a standout performer. As the bass guitarist for Dubvocaliza, Marq Domingues continues to make an indelible mark on the reggae landscape, leaving audiences in awe with his awesome bass and unmatched stage presence.