Dubvocaliza from London UK presents a crucial blend of reggae dynamics and fusion vibes, built on soulful, sometimes jazz tinged musicality.  

If you dig Bob Marley, Aswad, Steel Pulse you'll love Dubvocaliza, but likewise if you are a fan of Pink Floyd, Massive Attack or Marvin Gaye . 

The band has been creating quite a stir  on the music scene since formation in 2010 

Performing their original self penned mix of pulsating debating and entertaining modern 

dub-reggae ​. 

The band came about when Barington Delevente  a dub poet , singer/song writer and  Kevin Draper a lead guitarist, friends from a previous band  " Dubfunksta" came together by mutual interest in dub and reggae music.

They were later joined by Elise a creative and versatile bass player and  Matt Curr a drummer from a rock band " Killer-Fix"  who stirred up the mix with his awesome and creative style, playing rock, reggae and dub loops.
The combination fitted perfectly and gave Dubvocaliza that original and creative edge that defines the bands unique and distinctive sound.

The band is progressively inclined but Pop sensibilities to the fore, Dennis Bovell's Matumbi could be a good touchstone for describing the wonderful dubvocaliza band. 

They have come to the forefront as an ultimate dub-reggae band for modern times playing lively and lyrical true to life reggae music.

The name Dubvocaliza meaning to be outspoken, strident and articulate. 

The band has recorded two devastatingly impressive albums to date , Earth Rise and World's Apart.

They have performed at major music festivals throughout the United Kingdon and  Europe.

( Koblenz Sommerfest  Koblenz Germany )  ( One Love Reggae Festival UK ) 

( Love Summer Festival UK ) ( Farmer Phil Music Festival UK)

( Clarence Park Music Festival UK) and a hosts of others Festivals and  Music Venues. 

Every member in the band is driven and exudes a passion and love of dub-reggae music. ​Dubvocaliza represent what is magical about live music , the magic connections and expressions that touch people at their core. 

The message is optimism , love peace and universal healing .