Dubvocaliza, hailing from the vibrant borough of Richmond Upon Thames London United Kingdom

Formed in 2010 , this musical powerhouse has been turning heads and capturing hearts with it's soulful , at times jazz-tinged musicality,  creating quite a stir  on the music scene , performing their original self penned mix of pulsating debating and entertaining music. 


Crafting a genre-defying mix of thought- provoking and entertaining modern roots rock reggae and dub,

Dubvocaliza stands out in the music scene.

The band came about when Barrington Delevante a musical poet  , DJ , singer -songwriter  and Kevin Draper a lead guitarist and old friend from “ Dubfunksta"  days united through their mutual  passion for dub and reggae music.

Dubvocaliza meaning to be outspoken, strident and articulate has produced four impressive albums to date, “Earthrise”, “World's Apart”,  “Between the Devil and deep blue sea”  and “ No man's land”

The band doesn't just make music , they make statements.

Their songs cover current world issues, social justice , peace, love  and the profound humanity of the soul.

Dubvocaliza creates lively and lyrical reggae that resonates with the core of human experience. 


Each member of the band radiates passion for roots rock reggae music , bringing a unique flavor to their collective sound . They embody the magic of live music -connections with audiences at a deep and emotional level.

The band's message is one of optimism , love, peace, tolerance and universal healing, delivered with weighty musical vibrancy. The band represent what is magical about live music , the magic connections and expressions that touch people at their core. 

Dubvocaliza performances set the mood and match the moment , offering true- to- life songs that serve as both food for thought and catalyst for change.   

Having graced the stages of renowned music festivals across the United Kingdom and Europe , including Koblenz Sommerfest ( Germany)  One Love Festival ( England)  Love Summer festival ( England )

( Koblenz Sommerfest  Koblenz Germany )  ( One Love Reggae Festival UK ) 

( Love Summer Festival UK ) ( Farmer Phil Music Festival UK) ( Barnet Summertime Festival UK )

( East Barnet Festival UK) ( For The Love Of Music Festival UK ) ( Lechlade Music Festival UK)

( Beacon Festival UK)  ( Clarence Park Music Festival UK) ( Worcester Music Festival UK ) 

(One World Music Festival UK ) and a hosts of other music festivals and venues.

 Dubvocaliza is ready to extend it's magic globally.


While proud of their achievements , the band has it's sight on captivating audiences in all 26 countries on the European Union , Canada, The United States of America, Africa and the Caribbean.  

With band members hailing from diverse backgrounds and countries such as  Jamaica, Seychelles, Italy , Romania and England.

  Dubvocaliza embodies a global sound that transcends borders .Whether you're a fan of Bob Marley, Aswad and  Steel Pulse or resonate with the vibes of Pink Floyd , Massive Attack, or Marvin Gaye , Dubvocaliza promises a musical experience that transcend genres.

 The band is progressively inclined , but brings pop sensibilities to the fore , if you're a fan of Denis Bovell's Matumbi , you'll find a good touchstone for describing the wonderful Dubvocaliza band .

 Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other with Dubvocaliza.