Upbeat roots rock reggae music with catchy lyrics and maximum feel good vibes.  

Dubvocaliza, the explosive powerhouse of upbeat roots rock reggae, invites you to dive into the pulsating rhythms, infectious lyrics, and an electrifying surge of feel-good vibes!  Since igniting the music scene in 2010, this dynamic force has been shaking up the reggae landscape with its original mix—fusing  DJ, Spoken word , Dub-Poetry and pure entertainment into a modern, high-energy dub fusion reggae experience. Roots rock reggae, righteous rock and sensual soul all entangled sweetly for some nicely, nicely in the area vibes.


In the realm of Dubvocaliza, roots rock reggae, righteous rock, and sensual soul collide in a sonic explosion that doesn't just feel nice—it's downright spectacular. Drawing inspiration from the legendary architects of classic reggae and dub, including Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Culture, Peter Tosh, Lucky Dube, and more, Dubvocaliza stands tall as the ultimate reggae band for the here and now.


Formed by Barrington Delevante, the band is a declaration—an articulate and outspoken force hitting from the baseline of Dub-reggae. They draw their repertoire from the rich vaults of Jamaican music, injecting every note with an electrifying energy that transcends time and space.

Each member of Dubvocaliza radiates an infectious passion and love for reggae music, creating a live performance magic that doesn't just touch hearts but sets them on fire. The band's message is a sonic journey of optimism, love, peace, and universal healing—delivered with an explosive musical vibrancy that's impossible to ignore.

With four mind-blowing albums under their belt, Dubvocaliza has set stages ablaze at countless music festivals and venues across the United Kingdom and Europe. Hailed as London's high-octane reggae band with a modern edge, they infuse their music with not just love but an exhilarating, trippy energy that takes audiences on a wild ride.

Dubvocaliza isn't just a band; it's a warp-speed time travel experience to classic reggae, catapulting into the future with a riveting modern twist. Their creativity and tradition are fused with laser-focused intent, putting an electrifying new shine on reggae music with crossover appeal that rivals the energy of hip-hop legends like Massive Attack and Faithless.

Conscious songs, delivered with an explosive musical fervor, touch on everything from current issues and social justice to the pure essence of the human soul. Dubvocaliza isn't just challenging the norm; they're obliterating it—delivering an exhilarating, accessible, and unforgettable musical journey that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Get ready to experience reggae like never before—this is Dubvocaliza!