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Dubvocaliza set the mood and match the moment with true to life songs  of unity and love , our music is relevant to our times and captivating with booming basslines , poetry and rhythm, highly influenced by Jamaican Dub -Reggae sounds.
Dub-Alternative, Electronica  and Rock fused with poetry , intent and resolve. 
We address the issues that matters in today's world from the personal to the political  delivered with an original combination of spoken words, dub-poetry  and  singing  combined .

Dubvocaliza set out to give you invaluable food for thought and alternative music for change.  The message in the music is all about oneness, peace and universal love.
The band is different to the norm while still maintaining  accessible and entertaining music.

 This is the exciting, worldly, and spiritually potent reggae band, DUBVOCALIZA, based in England. They represent what is magical about live music, the magic connections and expressions which touch people at their core. The message is optimism, love, peace, universal healing. I have been lucky to speak with Barrington Delevante for this 4/20 reggae show on mindcoupradio.com 

                                                                      DUBVOCALIZA  RADIO INTERVIEW WITH JACQUELINE JAX  


                                  Dubvocaliza on Facing Challenges

                  DUBVOCALIZA FEATURED American Pride Magazine

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