Dubvocalizamusic- Built on reggae and dub foundations but there’s elements of rock, especially the Dave Gilmour guitar and a nod to Massive Attack, all quite trippy, but fear not the roots rock reggae is always in the ascendant.  Original groovy gritty lyrical dub-fusion soulful spongie reggae drawing inspiration from Peter Tosh solo as much as Marley…excuse me while I ply my riff…


This is the exciting, worldly, and spiritually potent reggae band, Dubvocaliza, based in London England. They represent what is magical about live music, the magic connections and expressions which touch people at their core. The message is optimism, love, peace, universal healing.  mindcoupradio.com 


Dubvocaliza present a crucial blend of rock dynamics and reggae vibes built on soulful, sometimes jazz tinged musicality. If you dig Marley, Aswad or Steel Pulse you'll love Dubvocaliza, but likewise if you're a fan of Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, or Marvin Gaye. 


 Dubvocaliza Built on reggae and dub foundations with elements of soul (Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield) and rock (Pink Floyd, World Party) and a nod to the nineties crossova appeal of hiphop inspired turns like Massive Attack. Conscious songs delivered with a weighty, musical vibrancy.


The outfit from London performs a mix of lively and lyrical dub and reggae with elements of rock and electro.
Category: Reggae/Dub


London is the home of this nine-piece group that mixes dub, rock and reggae in its self-penned material. 


 On the first day Dubvocaliza from London did a fantastic reggae set driven by a message of love and tolerance; they were the first band whose name I wrote down because I wanted to find them on the internet and hear more of their music. We’d seen two of them earlier in conversation with the Mayor of Northampton, and Michelle had spoken briefly with Barrington, who I assume is the driving creative force in the band.



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 Dubvocaliza is different to the norm while still maintaining  accessible and entertaining music.


We set the mood and match the moment with true to life songs  of oneness, peace and universal love , our music is relevant to our times and address the issues that matters in today's world from the personal to the political . 

Our goal is  to give you invaluable food for thought and music for change.