The spoke persons are women of beauty, steely looks, cold, no mercy. Women and children dead and blood soaked, lifeless bodies of babies in the rubble and smoke. Stone hearts and blind to see, there's more horror that a horror movie. they're making a sea of red, dancing to beautify the dead.

Children weeping and wailing , no place to hide from the shelling , tragedy after tragedy unfold, huge loss of life cheaply sold. If the strikes are accurate then the casualties are deliberate.

They're quick to fight, peace has taken flight. Run for your lives, escape the hornets nest and bee hives. Bombs on every corner, in the sea and land , bullets and bombs like a sea of sand. 


I put on my three piece suit and boarded Air Jamaica, touched down in the land of love, wood and water in the middle of the hot, hot sun. O Jah Almighty won't you look down over me, I've got a economy class ticket, but I'm happy as a lark can be.  Then I'm walking in Jamaica, walking with my hands in my pocket, Walking in Jamaica, I feel so good , man I want to kick. 
I saw the ghost of Bob Marley on 56 Hope road, I followed him to the gates of Tuff Gong and watched him walked right through. The brothers didn't see him they were listening to his tune, there were lots of people listening to the king down in the mixing room. Then I was walking in Jamaica, walking with my hands in my pocket, walking in Jamaica, I feel so good , man I want to kick.
They got a chalice on the table, they got reggae music in the air, Herro Blair would be glad to see you when you haven't got a prayer, But youthman you've got a prayer in Jamaica, Stone Love Sound system is playing in the area. they brought me there to Jam, asked if I can dub-it and put a mike in my hand. Man, I dub-it with all my might, they asked are you a Rastafarian , I said man I am tonight.  Then I was walking in Jamaica, walking with my hands in my pocket,walking in Jamaica, I feel so good , Man I want to kick.
(Adapted from Walking in Memphis).


You say that you're protecting me from harm, so you turn peeping Tom, watching me like a hawk night and day, you have  all my profile and DNA . You take away my freedom and liberty, saying you're protecting me . Everything about me lay bare, you say that nothing to hide, nothing to fear. What is really going on, you know everything about me from the day I was born, night and day I'm under surveillance , at every turn, every look, every glance.

Some are less fortunate , but we're all caught up in the net, spreading far and wide, you can run but you cant hide. we're all on your internet, caught in your drag net. Spy cameras and drones, emails, text messages and phones. 

We are under siege  from oppression and tribulation, weapons or war and destruction, tanks and bombs. Under siege from spy cameras and drones, fire in my bones . Everyday life is a taking a big risk, we are under siege from terrorists. There's no human dignity and respect for life, run for your life.

Everyday there's a natural disaster, man up against nature, in an instant life changes to chaos,  nature's power is disastrous. With our advanced technology in modern age, man cannot stop nature's deadly rage. Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane and volcanoes , Natures doomsday scenarios .
What a bam bam and destruction when the sea heads for land.
Natural disasters brings chaos and death, Man cannot control the planet. Disaster films becomes real life , never seen  so much energy  force in your life. 
Man made structures swept away, the power of natures display.
Sky scrapers wobble, it makes my eyes dazzle.

Some people with fame and title, look down on the common people. The poor are the ones that makes others rich, don't turn away if  they're in a ditch. In the time of your end you cannot hide,  as high as you are on your pomps and pride.


It takes dark clouds to notify you about the coming rain and clear skies to notify you about the bright day, both are important.